LOTRO: I’d Forgotten The Ban…

In a rather annoying twist of fate, my desire to return to LOTRO, if only for a spell, has run aground on two fronts. Firstly, I still have the old disks from when the game was under the stewardship of Codies, and, sadly, upon trying to get around a massive download by installing from the disk and then updating to the current version.

Not so.

The Powers That Be have conspired against me, and the launcher no longer connects to any servers, as the Codies servers are permanently and irretrievably down for this particular game. Happily, there is in fact a solution to this, but, annoyingly, I only found it after downloading the entire high-resolution client. Still, this did not deter me, and I eventually found myself the somewhat frustrated, but nonetheless happy, owner of a new high-resolution client, courtesy of the much maligned Pando Media Booster (which wasn’t actually that bad, to be fair).

However, despite this rather large annoyance, I found myself in a predicament that would take rather more effort to overcome. In a nutshell, Turbine decided that, as my account had somehow fallen into the hands of a misbegotten third-party (although my password remains unchanged, so whether this actually took place is largely speculation on my part) it was worthy of a permanent ban until I contacted their customer service. Oh dear. I say oh dear, just their customer service seems to have an average wait time of 2 to 4 days, which, as you can imagine, is rather vexing, especially when I’m not even sure the account was ever accessed by anyone other than myself.

But, so be it. The client is downloaded, customer service are contacted and I do want to get back in and see whether or not my lifetime subscription has brought in a monster harvest of Turbine Points. We shall see.

Oh, Turbine? I’m still a little vexed that you decided to ban my account.

Edit: I was unbanned. Very prompt response time, which is gratifying.


Blogging: Input Methods

So, then, my first real post. And what better way to start a new blog, than talking about…blogging? Due to my extremely poor typing style (I’m told it’s called chicken pecking, where I use the two index fingers only) I tend to have problems maintaining a strong typing rhythm for any prolonged length of time. Now, I’ve been dabbling with the idea of using ┬áspeech recognition software for some time; however, this has never really manifested itself as an actual commitment to any purchase. Until now. I am now the somewhat hesitant but nonetheless happy owner of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which, I hope will make it far easier to blog without ever doing prolonged typing. And, yes, I realise it looks like I’m already a sell-out in my first post, what with the promotion of a particular product but, well, I thought I might as well make clear that I am trying something different since I’ve never, ever done this type of thing before.

On balance, I am both annoyed and extremely pleased with this method of “writing”: it has ridiculous little flaws such as not selecting a word I’ve just told it to write down, and, even more annoyingly, mistaking commands for something to write in a text field. However, I am deeply surprised at how easily it’s picking up some of the words even though I tend to change my voice pretty regularly which, in truth, doesn’t really help its learning process but, alas, such is life.

If it becomes far too annoying, and incapable of picking up specialist terms such as the names of games and jargon specific to the gaming scene, then I might revert back to typing. But, for the moment, we’ll see how things progress.

I’m curious, does anyone else use methods that don’t involve keyboard to write posts, or am I alone in my plight of a pair of carpal tunnel’d index fingers?